Replacement Conservatory Roofs - Re-Roofs

Many Conservatories fitted in the 80's and 90's and even early 2000 have perfectly fine UPVC windows at the lower structure but the Conservatory Roof may either have leak problems, polycarbonate discolouration, beads falling out or just generally in a poor state of repair. Other common problems with older conservatories are the lack of heat retention and on the flip side in summer can get extremely hot.

As a manufacturer for the last 12 years of the market leading K2 Conservatory Roof System, we are able to literally transform your existing conservatory using dedicated parts that have been years in development. We are able to use heat-reflective 25mm or 35mm polycarbonate such as Heat-Guard or Heat-Guard Opal. Alternatively we specialize in replacement glass roofs using products such as Celsius, Pilkington Active glass, Green and Bronze Anti-Sun and so on.

We are able to convert Lean-to or Sunroom conservatories as they are often known as into a full hipped back Edwardian conservatory providing a much larger air space and a generally more aesthetically pleasing conservatory.

If you have an extension or bay thats in the way of your dream conservatory, don’t let that stop you as our various aluminium structural box gutters allow us to build our roofs around just about any situation.

Possible Re-roof Options

When contemplating reviving your old conservatory, the main focus for most people is to ultimately create a room that can be used all year round. There are many options available to achieve this depending on your budget. We can do as little or as much as you wish and often achieve big benefits with even the smallest of budgets.

Basework - Existing walls

Alter existing base footprint.
You may decide that as part of your ‘conservatory revival’ alterations to the overall size and/or shape are required. This can involve such changes as extending walls, squaring of angled walls to gain more space, or creating an extension/addition to the existing conservatory. Anything is possible.

Alter existing wall layouts.
A less involved option to dramatically alter the existing layout is to change wall heights or alter door openings. This will not give you more space but may change the overall feel of your conservatory or possibly create a feature. You may want to remove some or all dwarf walls to give ‘floor to ceiling glass’, change a door opening into a window or possibly just move a door to another location. One option we see quite often is the addition of brick corner pillars to give the feel of an extension or orangery rather than a conservatory. Whatever you require can be accommodated.

Leave as is.
The obviously free option. You may well be happy with the size and layout of your conservatory and require no building work at all. Not a problem.

uPVC Windows and Doors

Replace frames and glass.
Depending on the age and quality of your uPVC windows and doors, it may or may not be beneficial to replace them. Most conservatory windows and doors are still perfectly serviceable and can be left in situ. Of course we can replace all of your frames for more energy efficient ones or possibly just different opening configurations. All or nothing its fine by us.

Replace glass only.
Other than the actual roof, this will be the biggest benefit to the usability of your new room. Almost all conservatory windows and doors were glazed with clear energy wasting glass (there isn’t and never was any legal requirement to install ‘good’ glass). Changing the glass in your windows and doors will make a massive difference to your conservatories ability to deal with the vast extremes of temperature we experience in this country. You don’t want to skimp on this one!

Leave as is.
Depending on the quality of your replacement roof glazing you choose, it may be of no benefit to change your frame glass. If that is the case we will tell you.

Conservatory Roof

Replace roof and glazing.
In some scenarios there is no option but to replace the complete roof. This can range from the replacement being necessitated by a base alteration or style change, or simply because the roof has ‘seen better days’. If it is not necessary to replace the roof, then we will leave it alone and look to other areas where you money will be spent more cost effectively, such as replacing the glass. We will not try to replace ‘good’ for ‘new’.

Replace glass only.
The simplest way to improve the usability of your conservatory is to replace the roof glazing (providing your existing roof structure is adequate to support the weight of the replacement glass). Many current roofs are glazed with multiwall polycarbonate. If you have a polycarbonate roof are all too aware of the lack of performance in summer and winter. Changing to even a midrange glass can have enormous benefits on the amount of use your conservatory has. This is the single most effective option towards an ‘all year round’ conservatory.

Glass Demo Kit.
One thing that sways people towards using a good quality glass (frames or roof) more than anything else is our ‘Glass Demonstration Kit’. This demonstration clearly shows the benefits, and short falls of several different glazing types. Once seen you will not question the value of a high specification glass. You may also find it is not that expensive!

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