Lantern Roofs By CONSERVATEC

Conservatec's Sight Line Lanterns offer the maximum light to any opening. By using the slimmest profiles available for all of the lantern structure including the ridge, our lanterns give the maximum glazing area and therefore the maximum light into the opening.

Manufactured to any size at our factory in Dunswell, these lanterns provide a much more modern look and feel than conventional conservatory roof style lanterns.

A standard conservatory roof lantern incorporates a ridge which due to its overall bulk removes 190mm of potential glazing area. The ultra slim profile used in our Sight Line Lantern is only 60mm wide.

Conventional Conservatory Roof Style Lantern

Conservatec Sight Line Lantern

All lanterns can be glazed in energy efficient heat reflective glazing, we can even use triple glazing for the ultimate in energy efficiency Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or specific requirements, our lanterns can be tailored to work in almost all scenarios.

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